Phonics for kids

a for apple
b for ball
c for cat
d for dog
e for elephant
f for frog
g for goat
h for hat
i for ice
j for jackal
k for king
l for lion
m for Mango
n for Nest
o for Owl
p for Parrot
q Queen
r Rabbit
s Ship
t for tomato
u Umbrella
v for Van
w for watch
x for Xylophone
y for yatch
z for zebra

a is for apple, b for ball, c is for cat and d for dog. E is for eagle, f for fish, and g is for the guppies that swim in the dish. H is for hat and i for it. J is for jam and k for kit. L for lamb, m for me, and n is for the nice person I would like to be. Now is where it gets fuzzy…





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